Art works

Working title: Våtmark

Foto på väv nedgrävd i myrmark.

Exhibition at Galleri Syster in Luleå 20/2-13/3 2021

During 2019-2021 Ida Isak Westerberg and I have an ongoing collaboration within the framework of Galleri Systers project SamArtBete.

We examine the bog as a place, idea and its analogy with queer rooms. The bog has throughout history been described as difficult to access, difficult to define and areas which at times have been dangerous to stay in. Areas that have attracted and seduced. With common methods, we explore the bog's' layers, qualities and biological processes, and investigate how these can function as an additional partner in our work.

Looking glass

Photo installation, 2018

OH-paper on window.

Documentation photos from the exhibition Om Fotografi at Centrum för Fotografi, 2018.

Vår blick är en rörelse som vi väljer att följa

Our look is a movement which we choose to follow

Video installation, 2016

Watch 18 sec of 5 min original video.

Documentation photos from the exhibitions Fotografins ömsint vårdande blick at Centrum för Fotografi and Spring exhibition at Konstfack, 2016.



Video installation, 2015

Featuring: Anna Belstock, Varja Berg, Hanna Widgren, Juli Apponen, Sabina Zupanc, Amanda Krüger

Three pair of actresses are doing a mirroring exercise. One in each pair starts talking about a personal memory which she feels unsure of, whilst the other tries to mimic during the exact same time. In between the scenes they are talking freely.

Documentation photos from Solo exhibition, Vita havet, Konstfack, 2015.

Ett flöde av dött material

A flow of dead material

Video installation, 2015

Exhibited in Det vi ännu tror oss kunna benämna, Galleri CFF, 2015.

De förstod varandra

They understood each other

Photographic series, 2014

Exhibited in Hungry Eyes, Galleri Platform, 2014.

A photographic series consisting of three images. The originial portraits are taken from front pages of a german lesbian magazine published between 1926-1930.

I re-photographed the portraits and used a mirror to add the reflection from the sun on their eyes.


The line

Video, 2013

Actors: Ida Mirow, Niki Yrla, Sabina Zupanc, Elliot Lundegård

I asked the actors to tell the same line, five times over. I looked at the actors through the camera while I was directing them.


The line is taken from the movie Persona by Ingmar Bergman

Ask for permission to watch: The line


Video, 2013

In Casting I imitate the character Eva in En Kärlekshistoria.

Finalist in Pocket Cinema, Bonniers Konsthall, 2013.

Bibi, Edie, Jean

Video installation, 2012

In Bibi, Edie, Jean I mimic scenes from three feature movies: Bibi Andersson in Persona, Edie Sedgwijk in Poor Little Rich Girl and Jean Seberg in À bout de souffle.

I was interested in a certain notion of femininity and wanted to investigate how the act of imitation could be a tool for expanding this notion.

Documentation photos from Red Sky at Morning at Röda Sten Konsthall, 2012.

Drömmen om Elin

Video, 2011

12 min of a conversation with Niki Yrla about a fictive woman called Elin.